"THE SABLES are an energetic electro act based in Frankfurt, that through its respective members brings together cutting-edge Moscow hip-hop and gritty garage rock from London. For their most recent recordings they have collaborated with A-List celebrities Röyksopp, Athlete, Future Funk Squad and Tyrone Lamar (cousin of Kendrick Lamar). Among their influences are the Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Air and Pendulum." (Radio-WIGWAM, United Kingdom)

"Turn off the Bright Lights is the new EP release from The Sables. 6 tracks, 6 gemstones with each its own colour. Just brilliant because...don't know why it's so. Probably because not every stone is a gemstone. Well, turn off the bright lights and enjoy. Everyone deserves to hear such Jewels." (Gabriel Briquet, For The Love Of Bands)

"Filled with eclectic and wide ranging sounds, Unsigned is a mishmash of underground hip hop beats mixed with experimental, down tempo, electronic sounds. It’s an intriguing and unfamiliar sound, and one that The Sables seem to have made their own. Intermittent tempo changes create a captivating mood on the track. Holding the listeners attention and pulling them in, The Sables have fashioned an anthem of sorts. A shout out to all the unsigned artists trying to make their way in the world." (Jeremy Bregman, Melobee)